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Everyone, it seems, is quick to get out their crystal ball when it comes to access control. The race to predict the next big thing in sophisticated security tech is a common theme across the construction industry. There’s no doubt that access control represents one of the most exciting strands of our service offering – and the team here is constantly investing time and energy to identify the right innovations to empower our customers.

I use the term ‘empower’ advisedly, because there’s no doubt that the new generation of cloud-based functionality, accessed from your smart phone and able to unlock incredible workforce management and insight, is a huge step forward. But at Herongrange Group, we always balance the thrill of innovation with a good dose of pragmatism. For us to recommend something, it has to be proven. We refuse to use our customers as guinea pigs, and we’re always reluctant to specify functionality that is either overly expensive or unnecessary.

Quick to protest

We’re also savvy enough to know that just because something is available, it doesn’t mean that users will necessarily want to adopt it. We know from experience that some workers are quick to protest about having to install apps on their personal phones to gain access to sites. In the not-too-distant future, even more advanced forms of access control will be coming on stream. Microchips designed to be implanted into the fleshy part of the hand between thumb and forefinger are already commercially available.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s a relatively short leap to adding access control data to the chip, so that users can be given sophisticated, multi-level access to building sites, machinery operation and much more. But the big question, of course, is how this will play with the people on the receiving end of the chip. Hands up if you fancy it!

Compelling insight

The future promises even more functionality from the fast-developing world of CCTV. Features like intelligent tracking, facial recognition and people-counting will be augmented by Artificial Intelligence that will learn from, and respond to, suspicious activity by sounding alarms, notifying security personnel, or simply initiating site-lockdown.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your access control and other security needs, and watch this space, because we’re soon to be announcing details of a new access control product that is proven in the field and in-keeping with our policy of delivering practical benefits. We’ll be ready to respond with a fast, competitive, no-hidden-extras free quotation. Contact the team on 01604 49 88 30.

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