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More and more customers are coming to us with site security requests centred on access control. Our initial answer is always the same: let’s talk first to really get under the skin of what you need. Off-the-shelf solutions are all well and good; but a good consultation session will enable us to shape bespoke installations that really work for you. They tend to be more cost-efficient in the long run too, because you only pay for what you really need.

With that in mind, here’s five golden rules for your next access control project:

1. Think ‘modular’ for maximum effect

Not every site or situation is the same. There are a host of physical considerations to take into account, from the geography of the site itself to surrounding factors like access roads and neighbouring buildings. Our response can be as modular as you need it to be. We can plug in just the right mix of software and hardware – including standard turnstiles, fast lane turnstiles, banks of turnstiles, cabins, barriers, clocking points, user interface, door readers and much more.

2. Demand flexibility from your software

At Herongrange Group, we write our SiteShield software in-house – and that mean we have complete adaptability to create a solution that meets your specific needs, business rules and KPIs. We can introduce self-diagnosis and incident reporting tools to stop problems before they interfere with site operations. And we can add bespoke and powerful reporting and certificate management capabilities to give you the workforce insight you need.

3. Only go for features that help you work smarter

Be wary of non-essentials frills and always question the need for any software feature or add-on. We have suite of features that we can recommend – but only if they are relevant to your particular site and situation. They include web portal, to allow sub-contractors to pre-enter data for swift validation and access; integration, or linking sites and web portal for easy visibility and management of data, certifications and sub-contractors; PC on site, for reliable local data access even if broadband or 3G is down; and biometrics, that can include hand, eye, finger or face recognition, as well as proximity card and key-fob methods.

4. Don’t miss out on CSCS compatibility

The inherent compatibility of our access control software makes it really easy to enforce worker competence, security and time and attendance. That’s because it is fully compatible with CSCS smart cards. CSCS is the construction industry’s leading skills certification scheme, providing proof that individuals have the necessary training and qualifications. New users are enrolled onto your system with a single swipe of their CSCS card on a contactless desktop reader.

5. Stay light on your feet

You can keep site access as flexible as possible thanks to our unique and bespoke HGMax Portable Turnstile. This truly popular solution offers the winning combination of full-height practicality with the smallest footprint around. And if you need to, you can pick it up and move it to keep pace with the fluctuating access requirements of your site.

We hope you’ve found our golden rules helpful, but don’t forget we’re always available to talk through your access control needs in more detail. It will help us shape a fast, free and highly competitive quote with no hidden extras guaranteed – and if you’d like a free competitive quote with no hidden extras, just ask! Contact the team on 01604 49 88 30.

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