Drug Detection Dogs

It is important to ensure all staff in a workplace are complying by the law, including not participating in illegal drug usage. It is worth contemplating the approach employers take in detecting drugs, to consider whether staff are comfortable with the process or feel a boundary has been crossed. Drug testing verses the usage of drug detection dogs can be compared as the difference between invasive and non-invasive drug detection.

If workplaces require a drug detection programme, this can be conducted via invasive drug testing. This comes at the request of a urine or saliva sample from employees. Beyond the uncomfortable nature of having to supply an employer with a sample, an employee might find themselves in an unfair and precarious situation with their company if a drugs test provides a false result. This is a possible scenario and could cause further complications for the employer such as requiring secondary hair follicle samples from the employee to discover whether the test is accurate. Drug detection dogs can be used as an alternative to drug testing. As a method of non-invasive drug detection, dogs could be the way to highlight any drug problems in the workplace, without causing embarrassment with an invasive request. Drug detection dogs are highly trained in discovering drugs and drawing attention to scents from drug usage, meaning employees would not have to submit any samples for drug abuse to be detected.

Here at Herongrange Group, drug detection dogs can be provided as a security service to offer this non-invasive alternative to testing. As a part of our excellence in security, we can supply drug detection dogs as a sector of our dog handling services.  Our detection dog service is discreet, scenting the air around a person and their belongings in an office or locker room environment detecting the use of recent drug use or detecting possession of drugs on a person. Without having to provide any samples, an employee can go about their day without disruption and the dogs can continue to work to discover any potential drug problems simultaneously for the employer. Drug detection dogs can cover both searches of people passively, alongside proactive searches of buildings, vehicles, and property to ensure a thorough process.  We offer these services to the education sector, events sector, public sector organisations, government agencies, private businesses, healthcare establishments and the hotel and leisure industry. Providing safe, qualified, and advanced dogs to ensure laws are followed throughout workplaces within the UK.

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