Security Systems

Herongrange Group Ltd recommends that every construction company implements site cameras and a security system that can minimise the risk of crime and thus free up time for the company to focus on their projects without concern. CEO of Herongrange, Steve Withers, commented; ‘We continuously monitor and adapt our innovative systems to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients. That’s why we work with some of the biggest names in the industry.” With their CCTV and site cameras, Herongrange offer the highest calibre of service to protect construction sites.

The CamShield CCTV system by Herongrange is cost-effective, flexible, and interactive. To provide security around the clock, the CCTV can run for 24 hours a day, meaning the site is not only covered in the working hours, but runs even when no one is there. This not only provides the resources to identify any criminals that intrude the site, but it acts a deterrent. This security system remains site friendly and provides monitoring that uses unique ‘double-imaging’ technology, meaning intruders can be identified even in challenging areas or conditions.

Not all construction sites have infrastructure to install CCTV onto, but Herongrange offer an alternative. A CCTV trailer can be used as a temporary security measure to ensure the protection of sites whilst work is being completed. The trailers can be fitted with multiple fixed cameras, or a 360-degree tilt and zoom camera, fixed to the tower mast. Again, as well as the security system recording intruders for identification, the presence of the trailer alone will deter criminals.

A good construction security system, using site cameras, can be the difference between a construction company completing a project on time and to budget or the project being postponed and losing money. Herongrange take these security measures seriously, so that construction sites can continue running without threat and with infrastructure and procedures in place to prevent crime.

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