Construction Health and Safety

Even one death is one too many and no one should risk their lives on the job, especially, when workplace accidents are preventable through proper construction health and safety procedures. We have sadly come across the devastating statistic that there have been 39 deaths in construction last year, more than the five-year average.

Prevention starts with proper risk assessments and making sure that everyone involved understands and complies with construction health and safety procedures in the workplace. Keeping the equipment in great working condition and regularly maintaining safety features like fire alarms, security and others should be your top priority as a business to prevent workplace accidents.

How do security systems assist in construction health and safety?

Security systems can monitor, and in turn, prevent injury or death on a construction site. For example, CCTV monitoring systems that record footage 24/7 can help give you a clearer picture on whether health and safety regulations are being followed. In case of an accident, you can use this footage to get to the bottom of how it happened and the steps that could be taken to prevent future accidents. 

Using security software to track information

Your organisation may hire a lot of contractors, so it becomes harder to track who enters the building and making sure they are doing a job that suits their level of expertise. Turnstile security systems can be a great option for busy building sites. The Herongrange turnstile security system will come with an IT package called ‘sitecare’ that enables your construction company to enrol workers onto the system. It uses fingerprint and facial recognition software, providing them with exclusive access and preventing others from entering the site.

The Herongrange Group software also registers details such as emergency contact information and the contractors’ skills and qualifications. This way, you can ensure that your construction workers are not assigned duties outside of their capabilities. Should an emergency such as a fire occur, you can quickly access information on who’s still in the building and switch the turnstiles to free spin for an easy exit.

These are just some of the ways we use our security systems to help construction firms to prevent accidents and emergencies on construction sites, as well as offices and other environments. We take your employee safety seriously and we can also aid in site maintenance, construction solutions, fire and security, and so much more. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no-hidden fees quote on 0345 066 2211.

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