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Security for Celebrities

Close Protection for Celebrities

When big events take place, filming for TV occurs, or touring gigs and shows move around the country, the VIPs are close in tow. Being in the public eye can present security risks, but at Herongrange Group we provide close protection for celebrities to diminish risk and provide a safe passage for the stars to get to and from their venues, through crowds safely, and see their transportation protected too.

In 2021 we worked on the sites of TV production to provide close protection for celebrities in a range of locations and for a range of public figures. As well as being able to assist the celebrities throughout the run of their productions, our security staff were able to ensure their safety from the unpredictable public.

Jamie & Jimmy's

Herongrange are proud to have worked with big names, and in the latest series of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast, Herongrange provided close protection for celebrities Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty. With the filming of this programme taking place on the end of a pier, the surroundings were very specific and gave the Herongrange team a setting unlike many.

This exciting and challenging contract was a success, with both celebrities feeling safe and comfortable with the security team who protected them from local crowds on-site. The nature of this programme involved the introduction of new celebrity guests each week, and our expert security at Herongrange were on hand to assist where necessary with the security and protection of all.

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The Apprentice

SAS Who Dares Wins

With business figures taking to the screen in the TV series The Apprentice, close protection for celebrities was required for those involved. One big name being Karen Brady, and Herongrange were contracted to provide security specifically for Karen for the run of the series filming. This involved moving around the country with the show, filming in several different locations and ensuring the safety of Karen along the whole process. Again, the security team from Herongrange provided a quality service that allowed Karen the freedom to film and be reassured of her safety during the production run.

SAS Who Dares Wins

SAS Who Dares Wins involves extreme environments and pushing celebrities to their limits, but with that comes the need for close protection so that the show can run smoothly, and celebrities have no external worries to contend with as they strive to keep up with tough SAS regimes. Herongrange was on hand to be that extra support for the stars during this challenging production. Close protection for celebrities is so often associated with glamour and glitz, however this programme shows the grittiness of TV production, and it was a pleasure for Herongrange’s team to be involved and offer quality security to ease stress for the cast and crew.

Close Protection for Celebrities

Kirsty and Phil's Love it or List it

Housing programmes draw in lots of attention, with viewers eager to see the transformation of homes and the top picks of properties on the market from the experts. And these experts are creating quite a name for themselves in the public eye as a result. As a result, the celebrity names need security for their latest shows, including ‘Kirsty and Phil’s Love it or List it’ where Herongrange stepped in as close protection and provided security that was not only seamless in its execution but allowed natural and comfortable working environments for the clients.

Herongrange’s reputation assures clients that they are in safe hands with the security teams they are assigned. The duty of Herongrange is to protect those within their care. Having experts on hand to protect the most known in society, reduces the risk of harassments, abuse and fans overstepping personal boundaries resulting in these stars being able to move between locations, attend events, and continue filming safe in the knowledge that they are protected. In 2021, Herongrange enjoyed being chosen as security for celebrities on some well-known shows, channels, and advertisements, including all the above, as well as Steph’s Packed Lunch, Real Housewives of Cheshire, Tesco’s Christmas Advert, Tinie Tempah’s music video, BT Sports, and Range Rover Evoque TV Launch. Herongrange look forward to continuing their work as close protection for celebrities this year.

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Our Bespoke Security Team know that no two assignments are ever the same and each has its own unique challenges. We take the time to understand your problems and requirements, before offering a solution that will meet your specific needs.

We will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of your people, property and assets. From event management to VIP transport and celebrity close protection, our bespoke security team have the specialist skills and comprehensive resources to meet your demands ongoing.

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Security for Celebrities


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