A Local Community Project

Herongrange Group have donated to a local community project that is being spearheaded by one of their valued clients Henry Brothers Midlands for Alfreton Community Special School.

Fewer than 2500 people with learning difficulties are thought to be in paid employment, a shocking statistic that Alfreton Park School are keen to improve upon in order to set their pupils up for success in life. To achieve this vision, they are building the Deer Shed Café, by converting a currently derelict building into a welcoming café and shop. Not only will this venture become a key fixture of the local community, but it will also be invaluable to the further development of the school’s pupils. The café will provide a safe, dynamic environment for them to build their confidence, gain crucial work experience and develop a range of life skills that will be essential to their continued growth beyond the school.

The Henry Brothers Midlands team are holding a charity cricket match to support Alfreton School in this project and help them achieve their fundraising target of £250k for the construction of the café. The event will be held at Alfreton Cricket Club on the 8th of September from 4:30pm until 7:30pm, where the Henry Brothers team will take on the home team in a T20 match.

Herongrange’s CEO Steve Withers said, ‘We are proud to contribute to such an important project and, as a company, are dedicated to helping improve the local community. We wish Alfreton Park School all the best with their fundraising efforts and are confident the Deer Shed Café will be a huge success, positively impacting so many young lives and helping them achieve their goals.’

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