tinie tempah

No doubt, the music industry has suffered a tremendous hit due to lockdown. With so many festivals, live events ground to a halt, musicians were stopped in their tracks. This also had a serious impact on studios, video production and filming. This is why we were so delighted to be back on set recently. A real sign that creative industries are reopening again, and we hope they come back with a vengeance.

Herongrange Group was delighted to assist on a recent video shoot featuring Tinie Tempah. We provided specialist security services, which was truly a welcome return to working with the music industry. Our team are no strangers to this environment, and we understand the nature of it and the utmost importance of keeping everyone safe. Our personalised security services provide our clients exactly what they need for their projects, executed to a highly professional standard.

So, what was Tinie Tempah filming at this video shoot? Well, that’s top-secret stuff and will remain that way. Your safety and your privacy is all that matters to us and you can get on with your projects, knowing that everyone is safe. We use only the highest standard of security systems, latest technology and expert know-how on current regulations and industry news.

If you’re looking for a security team that understands your needs, has a wealth of experience across different industries and, most importantly, cares about providing a service that suits you, look no further! Contact Herongrange to enquire more about what we offer. We always listen to your requirements and offer a custom, free quotation with no hidden costs or fees. We believe in a personalised service that will help you achieve the security system necessary to benefit you the most. Get in touch with our team by calling 0345 066 2211.


We have received a high volume of requests for a drone service over the past year and we are thrilled to offer them to all of our customers here at Herongrange.

Drones have seen a huge increase in popularity due to how easy it is to capture shots and provide a previously unseen perspective to you and the audience. In the past, cameras suspended from cables were used to film aerial views, which was a much more difficult process.

So, how can drones benefit your business? Well, if you’re looking to shoot commercial videos such as adverts, promo, TV footage, music videos and more, drones can provide you with a greater choice of footage and perspectives. From a security aspect, drones can be used to assess security from the skies. This can give you a different look at your company site and highlight security issues you may not have considered before. They are also great for filming the construction process, which can be used in a variety of ways. From assessing the health and safety measures, documenting the process to using it for promotional and social media footage.

Are you interested in using a drone service for your business? Our knowledgeable team can give you all of the technical advice you need to make the most of our selection of drones. For any specialist and bespoke security, facilities, fire safety and other enquiries, get in touch with us for a free, no hidden cost quotation! We have a wealth of knowledge across different industries with a diverse skill set throughout our five key divisions. We pride ourselves on listening to your requirements and providing personalised, tailored solutions to suit your business. Give our team a call today on 0345 066 2211. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Herongrange Reception Desk

After over a year of being in and out of lockdowns, Herongrange Group have finally gone back to physical office as opposed to a virtual one. We have done this in preparation for businesses reopening again and we cannot wait to interact with our customers in person!

We look forward to meeting new customers and working with current ones to improve your site maintenance and security systems across all of our divisions. We offer:

Bespoke security

This includes close protection and VIP protection, including leisure and events. Our multi-skilled team will keep you safe and transport you in style.

Construction solutions

We have a wealth of construction industry knowledge to help keep your site secure. Solutions available for design, installation and maintenance. We are also able to support you with project management.

Fire and security

We are able to provide risk assessments, fire alarm installation, CCTV installation and access, as well as making sure fire extinguishers are working properly. We can also organise fire drills and ensure you have a solid fire escape plan.

Facilities management

We can look after your premises 24/7 from cleaning services to ground maintenance. Our services include everything from planned maintenance to emergency callout, so you can feel certain we have you covered at all times.

Manned guarding

For when only a human presence will do! There is no deterrent like someone physically being there to keep you safe. Our teams have a diverse skill set from dog handlers to security guards, fire marshals, concierge and response teams.

Do you have a project that needs one of our services? Get in touch with Herongrange team today and we will provide you with a free quotation, tailored to the requirements of your business. We care about your needs and we are able to personalise our services specifically to our clients. Call us on 0345 066 2211


As the government continues the vaccine roll-out across the UK, many venues which have now been left empty are used as vaccine centres. In a bid for the UK economy to reopen as quickly as possible, we are hoping that these venues will soon be full of people once again.

In the meantime, it’s important that we keep patients safe as they arrive for their vaccines. Here at Herongrange Group we recently carried out a project, at the Birmingham NEC, which is now being used to cater for the Covid 19 vaccine roll out. This is a high-profile site with unique requirements and quite a large project to undertake. But it was no problem for our highly skilled team of experts!

We installed a brand-new system with 89 fire alarm devices. Updating your fire safety systems is key to keeping staff and visitors safe. As part of our fire safety services, we also offer risk assessments, fire drills, fire alarm testing, ensuring that fire exits are free from obstruction and easy to find and so much more. We are thrilled to have been a part of such an important project that will help vaccine patients and staff safe. It’s good to see us getting closer and closer to being covid-safe and we are able to look forward to reuniting with loved ones.

Does your next project require expert security solutions, facilities management or manned guarding? We cater to a wide range of clients across all industries and are proud to use industry-leading solutions to keep you, your staff and guests safe. Get in touch with Herongrange team today for a free, no hidden fees quotation. We will listen to your requirements, understand your needs based on our wealth of experience and offer tailored solutions for your business.


facilities management

At Herongrange Group, we cater to a wide variety of clients and it seemed only right to open up our facilities management division. In addition to providing a high-level security service to your premises, we are also able to manage and take care of your day-to-day requirements.

These include:

Cleaning services – cleaning services to suit you from daily and weekly maintenance to deep cleaning. We work across all industries including retail, leisure and education. Herongrange are also able to provide more specialist cleaning services such as equipment and technology cleaning, as well as carpet and floor cleaning.

Construction facilities – anything from building from scratch, renovations and maintenance, we can help you manage your construction project. We offer project management, building maintenance, new construction, groundworks, decorating, fencing, utilities installation, installation of cameras and alarms as well as roofing.

Emergency call out – emergencies can’t always be avoided, so it’s important to have a knowledgeable team on call to find the timeliest solution. Our emergency team can be contacted 24/7 and take care of a range of issues from CCTV faults to security control, electrical faults, plumbing and more.

Engineering Services – if you have a property to manage, engineering services are always in demand. Our expert team can take care of all of your electrical and mechanical needs. This includes electrical rewires, lighting installation, heating and cooling system maintenance, fixed wire testing and PAT testing. Our engineers are skilled in a range of trades, so get in touch with your specific requirements.

Fire safety management – fire safety is one of the most important areas to tackle to keep your staff safe. Our fire safety team will ensure your systems are most effective and up to date. This includes completing risk assessments, testing fire alarms, establishing best procedures, ensuring fire extinguishers are fully functional and much more.

Groundworks – we can cover all aspects of groundworks, including, landscaping, car parks, driveways, drainage work and industrial groundworks. Our services include surfacing, environmental, site entrances, concreting and site clearance. Herongrage’s expert team will manage these projects for you, providing the same, high level of service you are already experiencing in other divisions.

Planned maintenance – planned maintenance is great for preventing faults and emergencies as much as possible. We are very proud to offer maintenance on a wide range of electrical and mechanical systems, including fire safety and security.

Refurb and dilapidations – last but by no means least, we offer maintenance on a range of electrical and mechanical systems, as well as fire safety and security. This includes plastering, roofing, groundworks, decorating, fencing, utilities installation and project management. We are also able to offer installation of alarms and cameras as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

If you’ve worked with us before, you know that we offer a flexible and personalised service across all our divisions. We are delighted to announce that we have landed two new, exciting contracts for our facilities management. One of them is Chiltern Cold Storage, which has now been fully mobilised. The other is for Countryside Properties in Bardon, who occupy a brand new, purpose built 359,305sq ft building. Both are full facilities management contracts, which means we are taking care of every aspect of their facilities management requirements with our facilities division.

If you have a project that you’d like us to work on, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We will provide a free, no hidden fees quotation that is tailored to your needs. Contact us on 0345 066 2211.


Newcastle Staffs Foodbank

Staff at both the Burton on Trent and Northampton offices donated some much needed food items to a local Foodbank over Easter, in support of one of our clients, Vinci, who as part of their community engagement in the area in respect of demolition works taking place at Stoke Royal Infirmary, were supporting this local charity.

Every year hundreds of local families struggle to feed their family due to financial difficulties, and need support from their local community. The effects of COVID over the last year has hit even more families, and all of us know people who through no fault of their own have had a massive change in circumstances, and are finding that the household finances cannot cover the bare essentials such as food. It’s a sad reality of modern life that many families have to rely on this support during times of crisis and Newcastle Staffs Foodbank is a fabulous place which allows local businesses and those more fortunate to provide goods to be distributed to those that need them the most to ensure that families within the community are fed.

Newcastle Staffs Foodbank


William Mitchell

The Employee of the Month for March 2021 is William Mitchell – nominated by Bill Mullen, Operations Manager – Scotland.

Bill said “I have known William for over 10 years and in all this time he has worked at Avant Homes, Oatlands.  His working relationship with the agent and contractors is such that he is part of the site team.  He is conscientious about his presentation and takes a pride in himself, and his work ethic is excellent”


Adjei Danquah

The February 2021 Employee of the Month award goes to Adjei Danquah.

Nominated by Operations Manager Leon Wright, Adjei, who works on our Stoke Royal Infirmary contract has taken control of the nightshift and ensures all officers are doing as they should, Adjei goes above and beyond and is an asset to the team there.  Well done Adjei!


Ansoumana Godoy Employee of th emonth

The January 2021 Employee of the Month award goes to Ansoumana Godoy who works at sites in Bristol. 

He was nominated by Operations Manager Peter Dewing, who said “During January Ansoumana provided flexible professional cover on our sites around Bristol to cover short notice blowouts caused by Covid.  He covered the difficult Marlborough Bus Station in Bristol and supported the team at Avonmouth Viridor.  Both locations have commented on his professional smart approach to his work and he is proving ever reliable at a time of great difficulty”


December 2020 Employee of the Month, was awarded to Leon Wright, Operations Manager, in recognition of his valuable contributions to his team and the company.  Leon was nominated by no less than four senior managers within the company.

Leon is on the right, being presented by Dave Pell, IT Director.