Terror Threat

Whilst media continues to be dominated by Covid and the risk it has to Christmas, we must not forget the threat we are facing with terror attacks. It is vital to stay vigilant about the risks of terrorism in the UK and understand the security risk it creates to our public spaces. Following the explosion outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital the terror threat has been raised by the UK Government to ‘Severe’, meaning we must be cautious to the fact that an attack could be imminent. 

Last month, NHS England advised GP practices to take a closer look at their security measures and review what needs to be amended to ensure safety is prioritised. Guidance from the NHS themselves, has been sent to all the medical trusts to bring attention to potential risks and advise on how to manage terror situations. As the Liverpool Women’s Hospital was seemingly the target for the most recent terror attack, it is important that staff within hospitals and medical settings know how to keep themselves safe if they are victimised by terrorists.

Is it time then to increase the implementation of security measures in public locations? The Metropolitan Police published on their website ‘Crowded places, events, public transport, and iconic locations throughout the country are some examples of locations that could be potential targets for terrorists.’ From this, we must consider how best to protect these public locations.

Manned Guarding reduces the likelihood of terrorists going undetected and executing their attacks. This perhaps is an option to be considered in busy retail locations and markets, especially as they become busier over the Christmas period. Electronic security may also need to be implemented into public facilities and locations, as a means to capture terrorists on CCTV, use alarm systems to make people aware of threats within their location, and to avert risks before disaster occurs.

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