Rise in Costs. Rise in Theft.
Rise in the Need for Manned Guarding.


The UK has entered a period where the cost of living is on the up and it is unclear when that rise is set to drop back down. There are inevitable consequences that occur as a reaction to this. Anxieties surrounding affording to heat houses and feed families are common, and as these anxieties build the public are more likely to turn to crime to tackle the problem. A chain reaction of rising costs leads to rising crime rates. Protect your business from theft and put an end to the chain with manned guarding solutions.

What is Manned Guarding?

As an effective security solution, Manned Guarding is the presence of security personnel on site to protect a business or building from theft, intrusion, anti-social behaviour, and other crime. Having on the ground security guards creates a fast-reacting solution to crime and acts as a deterrent.

Manned Guards can be utilised in retail, guarding shop doors to prevent theft occurring, on construction sites to man the area and prevent intrusion and theft. It is even a beneficial security measure for businesses to ensure only legitimate personnel are given access.

How does the cost-of-living crisis impact the need for manned guarding?

There are a series of industries that become vulnerable to crime during an increase in living costs. It’s easy to understand that with a larger population of the public struggling to make ends meet, there is a larger percentage that will turn to crime as a result. Crime initiated from a need for more money will results in petty crime increase, such as shoplifting, and larger scale crime, such as calculated theft on a bigger scale.

The retail industry is likely to see an increase in shoplifting assaults as the winter rolls around. With people attempting to steal items with their food shop, more people smuggling out clothes, and general attempts to take what they can’t afford, there is a need for security presence at shops. Manned guarding introduced at shop fronts will deter people from stealing and will increase the chances of interception before a criminal executes a theft successfully. News reports suggest that Winter 2022 is going to hit the public hard. To prevent the aftereffects of this hitting your business just as hard, it is wise to invest in manned security. Save money by reducing the risk of your retail business losing out to petty crime. An accumulation of a series of robberies will lead to your shop forking out extra, unnecessary costs. Not to mention the added admin that dealing with crimes involves. Manned Guarding can be the solution to losing money and losing time. Prepare your business in advance of the predicted increase in crime.

Construction sites have always been a target for calculated crime. Where there is a significant amount of expensive machinery and materials at a location, it draws the attention of criminals looking to make a big money. Those who are likely to turn to crime will have always been a threat to construction sites, however, with more people put under pressure as their living costs increase, there is likely to be a rise in people getting involved in organised crime. The construction industry must be more wary than ever of thefts. Introducing manned guarding can prevent your site becoming a target, as criminals will only risk the easier opportunities. If your construction site did become the chosen location for criminals though, having Manned Guards on the ground means there is a quick reaction to any crime occurring. High-value items need protecting against theft more than ever, as their value becomes more appealing to criminals as their personal costs increase.

Interested in our Manned Guarding services?

Benefits of Manned Guarding Solutions with Herongrange

At Herongrange our Guards are experienced, skilled, and committed to delivering the best security service you need for your business. With every Guard holding the distinguished SIA licence, you can be confident that all Herongrange Manned Guards are fully vetted and trained to execute exceptional security for every job.

We aim to work with your business to bring the best solution for you. All guards will be given a uniform that is in-keeping with your business identity and will receive the correct training, so you are confident that they represent your company professionally. Working with you, we can identify where your Manned Guarding solutions are best positioned, and you will work with a dedicated security site manager to ensure the solution is working effectively and continues to improve to meet your business needs. Our solutions can be tailored to your unique company circumstances, so you can be confident that no matter the complexity of a project, our guards can rise to the challenge and prioritise security for your business.

Combat the rise in crime, caused by the rise in living, with Manned Guarding. Prepare now to reduce risks that are predicted over the winter months. Get in touch with us today to discuss possible solutions for your business.

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