We are very excited to share with you, our latest employee of the month – Sam Hurst

Sam is an operations co-ordinator here at Herongrange, who has gone above and beyond this month. Sam has recently taken on the role of Fire and Security co-ordinator, on top of his usual role. He has also assisted and succeeded in the attainment of certifications and accreditations for the group change over. 

Sam has not missed a beat this month, taking it all in his stride. He is a true team player and is always dedicated to ensure a resolution to any client issues, incredibly quickly. 

Well done Sam.


crane through bars of metal fence

Time lapse video is the perfect way to showcase your construction work, and also hold on to the memories of a great project done well. These days, many cameras, smartphones and devices have time lapse capabilities; but our advice is to beware DIY short cuts. Recording time lapse footage for useful periods of time is challenging and beset with potential problems.

The time lapse solution here at Herongrage is expert, professional and delivers every time – and we’ve been careful to shape a cost-effective approach that is flexible enough to meet your expectations and budget. We firmly believe that a proper level of professionalism will pay in the long run, and we’ve got plenty of happy customers and case studies to prove it. Check out how some of our success stories look here.

If you haven’t done so already, why not think about adding a time lapse element to your construction project? Finished films are great for showcasing on your website and social media, at trade shows and through a host of other marketing channels. With Herongrange, you have the option to benefit from intelligent, state-of-the-art cameras and stunning HD or 4K resolution output. This gives you free reign to present high quality video through TV, the web and just about any media device.

We have an eye for detail and will always advise on the best vantage points to capture live or time-slip webcams. Depending on your need, we can add real production value and impact by adding titles, graphics and music.

Our consultants have all the experience needed to make sure you avoid common pitfalls. They will make sure, for example, that the sun is not in frame by shooting from the optimum direction. They’ll usually advise against sunrise and sunset transitions, which can be difficult to view when played back at speed.

The great British weather is another factor that we always take into consideration. If necessary, we’ll make sure the camera is protected by weather resistant housing that works well in all climates and conditions. Regular equipment checks are also important, of course, to guard against everything from bird damage to vandalism.

Talk to the team here about your time lapse needs. We’ll chat over your needs and objectives and – as always – we’ll be more than happy to provide a fast, competitive, no-hidden-extras free quotation. Call 01604 49 88 30.