Last week (Weds 10th November), members of the Herongrange Group management team attended the Security Industry Authority (SIA) National Conference for 2021. This virtual event was the first forum of this size that has been hosted by the SIA since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

As an Approved Contractor with the SIA, Herongrange attended the event and were interested to hear about the SIA’s reflections on the past 18 months. The conference included discussions about the progress and plans being put in place for the year ahead, and featured moments where attendees could join breakout rooms to hear in more detail about specific areas of interest, such as compliance, supervision and enforcement, skills strategies, and voluntary approval schemes.

David Kane, COO of Herongrange, says “I have always been rather critical of the organisation, but they may just have got their act together. It looks like the raft of new people they have taken on board are focused and are addressing the current issues that affect us all. They have made recommendations for changes to the private security legislation which will allow the SIA to become more relevant to the industry and the challenges we face. This includes security apprenticeships, training modules and other initiatives. I am looking forward to the next three years to see how this is delivered and what changes take place. Thank you to everyone from the SIA who took part.”

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