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Barry Spicer Profile Image

Barry Spicer

Managing Director

Barry has headed up the company from the beginning and continues to develop it as a member of the innovation team. In his spare time he is often found doing DIY around the house.

David Pell Profile Image

David Pell


David is a member of the innovation team and is also responsible for driving major enhancements to the I.T. systems we run both internally and on sites. In his spare time, David is either cycling, motorcycling, jet-skiing or just relaxing.

Carlie Baxter Profile Image

Carlie Baxter


Carlie has been an integral part of Herongrange for over 10 years and heads up the Finance and HR functions. In her spare time, Carlie enjoys cooking, long walks in the country and holidays.

Frank O'Callaghan Profile Image

Frank O’Callaghan

Divisional Account Manager

Frank travels the highways, making and maintaining valuable connections with clients. The dog, the house, the wife and kids take up most of his time, though he does occasionally enjoy trampolining.

Maxine Cannell Profile Image

Maxine Cannell

Sales Account Manager

As sales account manager, Maxine is continually liaising with our valued clients, ensuring their needs are met. In her spare time, Maxine enjoys a good night out with the girls. She’s also an Ed Sheeran superfan!

Jason Fitzpatrick Profile Image

Jason Fitzpatrick

Head of Sales

Jason is Head of Sales at Herongrange, where he leads the sales strategy for the business.

Jason has worked with a number of construction companies throughout the UK helping clients manage and protect their workforce.

Based in Southport, Jason is a keen Rugby Player and Coach.  Jason has also completed 2 x Ironman UK Triathlons and multiple Marathons.

Vickie Osterholm Profile Image

Vickie Osterholm


Vickie is new to Herongrange and is just starting the tender process of looking after all of our clients and suppliers on a daily basis in the admin department. Small in height but large in life! Vickie enjoys socialising with friends, gardening and walking in the countryside.

Sam Hurst Profile Image

Sam Hurst


Sam joined Herongrange in 2012 straight out of university. He works operationally and liaises with various departments to ensure successful service and project delivery

Paul Stokes Profile Image

Paul Stokes


Paul started in the company in 2016 and has already made significant improvements to our systems. In his spare time, Paul can be found gaming on his PS4 or PC, or watching the latest blockbusters at the local cinema.

Wendy Sumner Profile Image

Wendy Sumner

Credit Control

Wendy joined Herongrange in 2014 and supports our financial arm. She enjoys reading, watching live bands and on summer weekends takes part in Civil War reenactments.

Warren Holton Profile Image

Warren Holton

Monitoring Station Manager

Warren runs the Monitoring Station Control Room and manages the diverse team of controllers. In his spare time he can be found either with his nose in a book or watching a film.

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