Newcastle Staffs Foodbank

Staff at both the Burton on Trent and Northampton offices donated some much needed food items to a local Foodbank over Easter, in support of one of our clients, Vinci, who as part of their community engagement in the area in respect of demolition works taking place at Stoke Royal Infirmary, were supporting this local charity.

Every year hundreds of local families struggle to feed their family due to financial difficulties, and need support from their local community. The effects of COVID over the last year has hit even more families, and all of us know people who through no fault of their own have had a massive change in circumstances, and are finding that the household finances cannot cover the bare essentials such as food. It’s a sad reality of modern life that many families have to rely on this support during times of crisis and Newcastle Staffs Foodbank is a fabulous place which allows local businesses and those more fortunate to provide goods to be distributed to those that need them the most to ensure that families within the community are fed.

Newcastle Staffs Foodbank

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