Why Fire Safety is Important

Looking after your businesses properties, possessions and staff must be a leading priority for any company. This includes being prepared for the unexpected and introducing security solutions that prevent threats from fires. The unprecedented nature of fire hazards and the danger to life and property that they can cause, means companies must consider the real reasons why fire safety is important and begin to put measures in place to prevent danger from fires occurring.

When asking yourself why fire safety is important consider the detrimental effects to business and financials in the event of a fire destroying buildings and equipment. The result of a fire may lead to the destruction of property, evacuation of sites, and endangerment of staff. Being prepared for a potential fire risk will ensure safety and avoid costs on unnecessary repairs.

Solutions to help awareness

Herongrange Group Ltd value the importance of fire safety highly and have divisions of their services dedicated to ensuring businesses are protected from the threats that fire can present. Being aware of the goings-on around a large site can be the key to being prepared if a fire breaks out or if a hazard presents itself.

Having CCTV installed at a business can reduce the need for physical staff on patrol and gives an overview of an entire site giving an advantage to staff in the case of a fire. Being able to see the circumstance in which a fire hazard might arise and the ability to locate a fire quickly assists in the task of containing a fire and reducing risk to life and property. It can also be evidence of how fires might occur and therefore provide security in the event of arson attacks by helping to identify criminals.

Intruders and criminals can be a risk to business and is another important reason to consider why fire safety is important. Being the victim of arson can happen to any business and having solutions in place to detect intruders might prevent attacks on your company. Herongrange can take care of the designing, signalling, installation, and maintenance of Intruder Alarms, with their maintenance team having over 80 years’ experience in this field. Businesses can utilise this solution to prevent risk of arson attacks. Being notified when trespassing and intrusion occurs can mean security is able to intervene before serious damage is done. The presence of alarms can also deter intruders and keep properties and staff safe.

It may seem obvious in the mission to keep your company safe but having quality fire alarms installed can be the difference between disaster and the aversion of disaster. Fire Alarms can be provided by Herongrange to give your business the upper hand in response to fire hazards. If more specialist technology is required, Herongrange can also assist in fitting solutions for:

Systems can be monitored 24 hours by manned control rooms, meaning fire safety is never neglected and your business is continually protected against fire risks.

Prevention and physical solutions

Awareness will give the advantage to businesses if fire hazards present themselves. However, having physical resources and systems to prevent fires spreading or being caused will provide the next level of safety for a company.

Access Control will create solutions in access to your company and property, allowing only employees and trusted associations of the business to enter the premises’. Having a system whereby only those with identification can access a site could prevent your company from the headache of dealing with unwanted intruders and trespassers, who could create serious problems such as the spread of fires.

The installation of barriers and gates can also signpost your business perimeters and outline the property site. The nature of having these structures in place can make it difficult for intrusions to occur and can deter criminals from any attempts. Herongrange can supply, fit, and monitor a range of options including gates, barriers, bollards, and turnstiles, enhancing your security from the outside and creating physical measures to secure the area and drive trespassers away.

Having solutions on hand to tackle those unprecedented outbreaks of fire can result in reduced costs and risk. Equipping your sites with access to fire extinguishers can mean a small fire is controlled and eliminated before it becomes a big problem. There are a range of solutions that Herongrange offer, these come under the branch of P50 extinguishers. The four types include Foam, Powder, F Class (wet chemicals) and Monnex. Each one is suited to different materials and can tackle the reason for fire in different ways. Herongrange has solutions that can cover a range of needs, and consultations are recommended to discover what is best for individual companies.

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