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Event Security

Whether you are planning a large public or private event, it is paramount that the safety and security of your guests does not pass you by. Being prepared with on-site event security will deter, reduce, and identify crime. Festivals, concerts, conferences, premiers, and lavish parties are just a few examples of events where risks of criminal activity lie. Opting for event security can help to ensure the safety of attendees and allow your events to take place without disruption or threat.

Why is Event Security Necessary?

An unpleasant side to the events and entertainment industry is the criminal activity it can attract. Whilst you hope for your events to be all fun and games, it is important to be prepared with event security for those out to abuse the regulations and rules. Where there are large crowds, crime can end up going undetected, and a mass of people can be a target for terror and violent crime. Although a sad truth, it must be addressed by event organisers.

Festivals and gigs draw in crowds of people every year all over the UK. In 2019, attendees to gigs and music events was over 5 million. Amongst these, there are those who are likely to commit crime, as well as potentially bringing in people with sinister intent. First and foremost, drug possession and usage at festivals is common. To negate the issue of drugs at your music event, you will need an on-site event security solution that has the ability for a reactive response. Having on-site security combined with CCTV, can mean attention to drug-related issues can be brought about quickly and response can be immediate.

Drugs, whilst a big problem, are not the soul issue for large events. Historically, organised crime and terror attacks often target crowded places. This can include events, as the gathering of large groups attract terrorists and criminals aiming to cause mass destruction and harm. It is vital to consider how best to prevent situations of violence occurring. Security guards are equipped to apprehend and secure threats away from the public, and with security personnel available throughout events there is a much higher chance that situations are resolved with ease and efficiency.

Interested in our Bespoke Security services?

Event Security Solutions

Events are often all about the people. Whether it be party guests, corporate visitors to a conference, or festival goers, events are full of crowds. Therefore, it is important your event has the correct security to protect them. Since the events are people-based, you might want to first consider using people as the security solution. Herongrange’s security personnel can be on hand to tackle any interferences or potential threats. With their friendly attitudes and a focus on presentability, the event staff are approachable to guests and inspire confidence. Allowing security staff on-site will ensure your events run smoothly and protection is prioritised. All Herongrange’s events security staff are screened, vetted, and trained to an incredibly high standard ensuring your event venue/location and attendees are always protected.

There is also the option to combine people with technology. The latest security technology can be provided by Herongrange to capture more angles of the events, ensure people are protected, and to act as deterrents that are visible by all. This includes mobile CCTV. Mobile CCTV is linked via a fully cloud-based service with alerts able to come through in real time to a smartphone (or similar) to ensure every corner of your event is monitored.

If you have VIPs at your event, consider further protection. Close protection can be the event security solution for ensuring celebrities, and those known by the public, are kept safe. Unpredictable behaviour from crowds can make events a dangerous place for VIPs.

Consider close protection as a solution to ensure the person in question is protected during their attendance and even in transport to events. Following an assessment of your risks and requirements, Herongrange will propose a solution consisting of expert personnel and the latest in security technology.

Our licensed and highly trained staff include:

• Personal Bodyguards
• Escort Team
• Residential Teams
• Drivers

Dogs are a man’s best friend. In this case, dogs are their handlers’ best friends. Unfortunately, for us, humans are limited with their senses that restricts the awareness you can have to the risks around you. For dogs, their strongest senses are smelling and hearing, these two senses are much stronger than a human’s. This allows smells and sounds that would go unnoticed by a person to be picked up by a dog. If you are expecting to leave important equipment on sites for long periods and out of hours, it is wise to have dogs and their handlers on hand to protect property. With a dog’s ability to sense out danger faster than humans, you can be sure of a quick response to trespassers or potential crime, as dog’s can alert their handlers to threats. Beyond their skills in bringing attention to unusual activity, a dog’s presence can act as a deterrent to criminals.


Benefits to Event Security Solutions by Herongrange

Herongrange Group offer Stewards and Event Staff that can help your business tackle issues at events. With problems able to be resolved quickly by on-hand security, your guests can continue to make their way into and through the event you are hosting without disruption. With the ability for fast reactions, security teams can ensure the smooth process of your event continues with minimal disturbance caused, and avoidance of causing fear.

Criminals seeking to cause harm or sneak illegal substances into an event, could think twice when seeing security personnel and CCTV which could catch them performing criminal activity. Before any action takes place, these visual deterrents can ensure that there is less attempted crime and provides a safer space before your event has even begun. Being involved directly in the action of preventing crime, Herongrange event security staff are also well-accustomed to gathering and giving evidence in hostile situations.

Events are frequently joyful places for the public and invited guests to attend to experience entertainment and fun. Therefore, whilst creating the safest possible environment for the attendees, you do not want a fully invasive solution that could dampen the mood. Having personable staff, on-hand, provides comfort to attendees and is a non-threatening security solution. Staff, combined with CCTV, creates a comfortable environment where crime can be prevented, deterred, and captured for evidence without disruption to your guests.

Confidence in our Expertise

Our Bespoke Security Team know that no two assignments are ever the same and each has its own unique challenges. We take the time to understand your problems and requirements, before offering a solution that will meet your specific needs.

We will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of your people, property and assets. From event management to VIP transport and celebrity close protection, our bespoke security team have the specialist skills and comprehensive resources to meet your demands ongoing.

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