Employee of the Month

The winner of October Employee of the Month was John Towill.

Nominated by Bill Mullen, Scotland Regional Operations Manager, Bill says “I have had manpower problems at WGM Cotton St with recruitment proving to be difficult to say the least. John Towill has stepped forward and covered shifts which has resulted in losing hours as he usually works at Avant Homes.  John was due to be on holiday the week 18th-24th Oct and cancelled his plans to assist in covering WGM as I had exhausted all other options to cover the site that week. It can be easy to sometimes take guards for granted and I believe the award would show how much he is appreciated”.

Well done John – justly deserved.


OSPA Finalists

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist for the OSPA (Outstanding Security Performance Awards) in the category: Outstanding Security Installer.

Our submission covered the great installation work our Fire & Security team carried out at Technocargo. Read more about this client and what we delivered for them here.

The awards evening is scheduled for 2022 – until then, fingers crossed!


Harper's Law

The Government has announced it is introducing a law to grant emergency workers greater protection from violent criminals.

In the wake of PC Andrew Harper’s tragic death in 2019 while he was on duty, his wife Lissie, his family, and the Police Federation campaigned tirelessly to introduce the law, which has now been passed. The new legislation will enforce mandatory life sentences for anyone whose crimes lead to the death of an emergency worker in the line of duty.

The home secretary, Priti Patel, said: “PC Andrew Harper’s killing was shocking. As well as a committed police officer, he was a husband and a son. It is with thanks to the dedication of Lissie, and his family, that I am proud to be able to honour Andrew’s life by introducing Harper’s law.”

The law will likely take effect early next year and will include police officers, paramedics, firefighters, National Crime Agency officers, prison officers and custody officers.

Herongrange CEO, Steve Withers, said: “Herongrange stands 100% behind this law and entirely supports the Government’s decision to bring it into force. These people put their lives at risk every day, to do their job and protect and serve their community, and it is only right that they are given greater protections for doing so.” 

For more information, please visit: www.gov.uk/government/news/government-to-introduce-harper-s-law


Last week (Weds 10th November), members of the Herongrange Group management team attended the Security Industry Authority (SIA) National Conference for 2021. This virtual event was the first forum of this size that has been hosted by the SIA since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

As an Approved Contractor with the SIA, Herongrange attended the event and were interested to hear about the SIA’s reflections on the past 18 months. The conference included discussions about the progress and plans being put in place for the year ahead, and featured moments where attendees could join breakout rooms to hear in more detail about specific areas of interest, such as compliance, supervision and enforcement, skills strategies, and voluntary approval schemes.

David Kane, COO of Herongrange, says “I have always been rather critical of the organisation, but they may just have got their act together. It looks like the raft of new people they have taken on board are focused and are addressing the current issues that affect us all. They have made recommendations for changes to the private security legislation which will allow the SIA to become more relevant to the industry and the challenges we face. This includes security apprenticeships, training modules and other initiatives. I am looking forward to the next three years to see how this is delivered and what changes take place. Thank you to everyone from the SIA who took part.”


Terror Attacks

On 22nd May 2017, 22 members of the public were tragically killed during a devastating terror attack at, what was meant to be, a joyous night for fans at an Arianna Grande concert.

Inquiries into the attack are on-going to this day, however faults have been identified in the security processes and procedures at the Manchester Arena where the attack took place. These included: blind spots in the CCTV that allowed the attacker to hide out of sight, lack of security patrolling, inadequate training of staff to recognise suspicious behaviour, and lack of action taken in response to concerns raised.

Following the Manchester Arena bombings, flaws in the safety of public spaces were highlighted and campaigns began to make amendments to legislations that would require a larger focus on security in public venues. From this the Government set out proposals for a new law that requires venues to have adequate preparations in place to protect the public from future attacks. This law comes under the new Protect Duty and came into play early this year. The manifesto for this law commits itself to heightening the safety of public venues, with the standards being consistent but proportional for the venues in question.

At their national conference, the SIA announced to their members that they are requesting changes to the 2001 Private Security Industry Act from parliament, on top of the new Protect Duty, to allow legislation to enforce changes. If passed, this will mean every company will have to operate to a minimum standard in relation to protecting the public from terror attacks. Amendments being called for by the SIA, would create a shift away from licensed individuals and onto licensed businesses. Until this legislation is in place, however, Security Buyers will need to look closely at who provides these services.

Herongrange Group offer bespoke security services that can work with venues to identify and tackle any vulnerabilities in their security systems and procedures. From CCTV systems to trained manned guards, Herongrange provide real-time solutions that can protect public venues from attack.

David Kane, COO details how Herongrange can help venues to be compliant with the new Protect Duty legislation, “At the heart of Herongrange’s company ethos is the safety of others, and our services are designed with that in mind. The Manchester Arena incident highlights the catastrophic consequences that inadequacies in security protocols and procedures can have if exploited by criminals and terrorists. Herongrange works with clients to discover the systems and procedures best suited to minimising the vulnerabilities of specific venues and subsequently tackling these threats promptly.”


The Midlands Business Network Expo

Herongrange Group will be exhibiting at The Midlands Business Network Expo on Friday 26th November at the National Motorcycle Museum. This expo is one of the region’s largest events and is dedicated to showcasing Midlands based companies.

Sadly, in 2003 the museum saw many of its artifacts destroyed in a devastating fire, destroying irreplaceable vehicles and resulting in a total loss of £8m. The importance of fire systems is evident from this incident and highlights how crucial it is to ensure property and assets are protected and secure. An adequate security system to keep a watchful eye on businesses could prevent disasters such as this, or reduce the impact they have, by ensuring quick action is taken.

Herongrange specialise in security, both technological and manned, and have a specific division for Fire & Security which offers a fully comprehensive service: consultation, design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. As a result, they can provide solutions for businesses to prevent fire-related disasters occurring in the future and ensuring the safety of assets. Herongrange are attending The Midlands Business Network Expo to exhibit their systems and encourage other businesses to take the security of their properties seriously against the threat of fire and other potential risks.

Please visit Herongrange at this event if you wish to discuss your business’ Fire & Security provision.


In October 2021 Herongrange Group were awarded Approved Contractor Status (ACS) from the Security Industry Authority (SIA). The journey to achieving this started back in the first quarter of the year with the application to the SIA for approval. Since then, Herongrange’s Quality & Compliance Director, Phil Scattergood, dedicated himself to ensuring the business’ readiness for the SIA’s approved auditors. They visited the Burton Head Office, the Northampton Office and various client sites to conduct their 6-day audits in July. Despite the challenges faced in 2021 with the continuing pandemic, and the extended time this added to gaining ACS, the importance of gaining this status was never underestimated by Herongrange.

During their visits the auditors conducted very thorough reviews, with a total of 78 different criteria checked on all the processes and procedures for the scopes of Security Guarding, Key Holding & Close Protection, as well as visiting live client sites to ensure they were compliant and met client expectations.

After the results of the audit were submitted to the SIA the completion from approval to review took an extended amount of time. However, knowing the value of this accreditation, Herongrange fully cooperated with the process and were finally awarded with the certification on October 11th 2021, and were granted permission to advertise themselves as an SIA Approved Contractor. After going above and beyond to see this accreditation through, and with the SIA’s ACS being widely considered the benchmark for quality security, Herongrange can continue to deliver expertly executed security whilst also assuring new and existing clients that their services are of the highest quality.

Phil Scattergood, the Quality & Compliance Director, said ‘It has been a hard slog getting this in place, especially while still having to work around COVID restrictions, but it was worth it in the end. I would like to thank the Herongrange team at every location who took part and assisted in the process throughout the year, it’s a credit to them demonstrating that quality is important at every level throughout the business. This now means that Herongrange are fully accredited with the following bodies:

SIA Approved Contractor Status, Constructionline Gold, Safecontractor, CHAS, SMAS, BAFE, NASDU, NTIPDU, ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015.

We pride ourselves in our achievements and they prove how robust our processes are, which in turn gives our customers peace of mind that their assets are in safe hands.’

Read more about Herongrange’s accreditations here.


Herongrange Charity Event

In September, Herongrange Group were proud to host two charity golf days in aid of St. Giles Hospice, raising a grand total of over £10,000.

In partnership with A W Carhouse and The Boss Partnership, the events were held at JCB Golf and Country Club in Rocester. Both golf days were ones of good sport, competition and generosity and Herongrange would like to extend heartfelt thanks to every person who attended, donated and helped make this fantastic fundraising total possible.

St. Giles Hospice is a charity that has great significance to Herongrange’s CEO Steve Withers’ family, and they have proudly supported them for a number of years now. They provide such vital services and support for families and individuals when it is needed most, and Herongrange take immense pride in being able to support them.

Samantha Storey, Regional Fundraising Manager for St. Giles Hospice, said: “On behalf of everyone here at St. Giles, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity … Your money will go towards funding all elements of patient care … making it possible for us to continue to provide some of the most vulnerable people in our community the care they deserve.”

Herongrange is dedicated to helping local causes and bettering the community, and are looking forward to further fundraising opportunities in the future.


Facilities Team

The winners of the September Employee of the Month award is our Facilities team at client TechnoCargo in Ripley. 

Nominated by Garry Sheppard, Operations Manager for TechnoCargo, Garry says:

“I would like you to consider the entire cleaning team as the employee of the month, my reasons are:

From my view as the company receiving the service, and from you providing the service, I do not know what else this team would have to do to get this award, they thoroughly deserve the recognition, and it would boost the morale of the team for turning up every day during the Covid pandemic and just be left to get on with the job which they have.”

The photo above shows, L-R, Darrell Sloan (Regional Operations Manager, Herongrange Group); Lisa Pardner; Richard Hallas; Garry Sheppard (Operations Manager, TechnoCargo) – not pictured, but a worthy winner of the award is Simina Bantu.

Well done to the team this is a great commendation of the excellent work you do and how you represent Herongrange Group so professionally.


Muca Marzena

The winner of the August 2021 Employee of the Month award is Muca Marzena.

Nominated by our COO, David Kane, Muca has been receiving compliments from our client, Countryside Timber Products, who highly rate her work as a cleaner at their site.  She has been very helpful in covering shifts when required and always goes the extra mile. 

Well done Muca!