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3 Reasons to Choose Outsourced Facilities Management Companies

There are many reasons why businesses choose outsourced facilities management companies. It’s a great option for small, medium and large size enterprises who are looking to save money, get the best possible facilities management service and have the headspace to focus on other day to day running tasks of their business. In fact, security, mechanical, electrical and grounds maintenance were among the most outsourced services in 2019. Here’s how outsourcing can benefit your business…


1. It gives you time to focus on your business

Many growing and developing businesses simply don’t have the time to focus on facilities management. This is a crucial area of your operations, which covers security, fire safety and wellbeing of your staff and visitors. Instead of risking facilities management becoming sub-standard, contracting a qualified, experienced team can give you one less thing to worry about and ensure all your needs are taken care of by industry professionals. It also makes the hiring process much easier, as you will be able to choose the right team based on experience and testimonials. You will not be responsible for staff overheads and any qualifications and training will be taken care of by the outsourced facilities management companies. 


2. It can be more cost-effective

As you don’t have to pay National Insurance, staff holidays or cover training and qualification costs, outsourcing facilities management can be cost-effective for your business. Not to mention, recruitment processes can really eat up your time and finances too, especially, if in-house service becomes inconsistent or inefficient. Using a dedicated company of professionals can help to ensure a state-of-the-art service and eliminate staffing issues. Outsourced facilities management companies will be focused on those services specifically, making them highly professional and capable in their field.


3. Outsourced facilities management companies can meet your needs as you grow

Growth is the aim of every business, and you need your facilities management to meet your demands as you experience exponential growth. Again, you may run into an issue with insufficient members of staff or lack of training and qualifications that match your current business model, facilities, and operational requirements. Facilities management companies can seamlessly match those needs as you expand and provide extra staff, who are appropriately trained and can be outsourced much quicker than having to hire or train existing employees.

At Herongrange Group, we provide expert team members to assist with cleaning services, construction facilities, emergency call out, groundworks, planned maintenance and so much more. No matter the size or requirements of your business, we can meet them thanks to our highly skilled, qualified and experienced team of professionals. If you are thinking of outsourcing and are not sure where to start, give our team a call on 0345 066 2211 or email info@herongrange.com for a free, no hidden costs quotation and advice.


As a security company, we were delighted to work with people who keep the public safe every day. Recently, our expert team were employed for a project to do an office refurbishment for Northampton police. This project was awarded to Central Electrical Services and they chose us to carry out the requirements for it.

Our facilities management team took care of several areas of the project. Thanks to our diverse skill set, we were able to be the one-stop-shop for a range of requirements. As part of our refurbishment project for Nothampton Police Offices, we worked on the Old Misco Systemax building.

We updated the carpets at their offices. Heating and ventilation systems were also refurbished, creating a much more pleasant work environment. We also worked on creating more spacious working areas for their staff, giving them more room to work in, and also creating opportunities for social distancing, which is so important to keep the team safe. We installed new lighting in their offices, too. Lastly, we upgraded their fire alarm system. Fire safety is one of the most important areas of security to keep your staff safe.

Another great project completed by our knowledgeable team, leaving the client with a better and safer workspace, giving them the peace of mind that one team can take care of a wide range of requirements. We cover five key divisions – bespoke security, construction solutions, fire and security, facilities management, manned guarding – with a diverse service offering in each. If you have a project that requires our help, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced team have built up a great reputation across different industries and we’d be glad to help you on your next project. Get in touch for your free, no hidden fees quotation by calling 0345 066 2211.


We have received a high volume of requests for a drone service over the past year and we are thrilled to offer them to all of our customers here at Herongrange.

Drones have seen a huge increase in popularity due to how easy it is to capture shots and provide a previously unseen perspective to you and the audience. In the past, cameras suspended from cables were used to film aerial views, which was a much more difficult process.

So, how can drones benefit your business? Well, if you’re looking to shoot commercial videos such as adverts, promo, TV footage, music videos and more, drones can provide you with a greater choice of footage and perspectives. From a security aspect, drones can be used to assess security from the skies. This can give you a different look at your company site and highlight security issues you may not have considered before. They are also great for filming the construction process, which can be used in a variety of ways. From assessing the health and safety measures, documenting the process to using it for promotional and social media footage.

Are you interested in using a drone service for your business? Our knowledgeable team can give you all of the technical advice you need to make the most of our selection of drones. For any specialist and bespoke security, facilities, fire safety and other enquiries, get in touch with us for a free, no hidden cost quotation! We have a wealth of knowledge across different industries with a diverse skill set throughout our five key divisions. We pride ourselves on listening to your requirements and providing personalised, tailored solutions to suit your business. Give our team a call today on 0345 066 2211. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


facilities management

At Herongrange Group, we cater to a wide variety of clients and it seemed only right to open up our facilities management division. In addition to providing a high-level security service to your premises, we are also able to manage and take care of your day-to-day requirements.

These include:

Cleaning services – cleaning services to suit you from daily and weekly maintenance to deep cleaning. We work across all industries including retail, leisure and education. Herongrange are also able to provide more specialist cleaning services such as equipment and technology cleaning, as well as carpet and floor cleaning.

Construction facilities – anything from building from scratch, renovations and maintenance, we can help you manage your construction project. We offer project management, building maintenance, new construction, groundworks, decorating, fencing, utilities installation, installation of cameras and alarms as well as roofing.

Emergency call out – emergencies can’t always be avoided, so it’s important to have a knowledgeable team on call to find the timeliest solution. Our emergency team can be contacted 24/7 and take care of a range of issues from CCTV faults to security control, electrical faults, plumbing and more.

Engineering Services – if you have a property to manage, engineering services are always in demand. Our expert team can take care of all of your electrical and mechanical needs. This includes electrical rewires, lighting installation, heating and cooling system maintenance, fixed wire testing and PAT testing. Our engineers are skilled in a range of trades, so get in touch with your specific requirements.

Fire safety management – fire safety is one of the most important areas to tackle to keep your staff safe. Our fire safety team will ensure your systems are most effective and up to date. This includes completing risk assessments, testing fire alarms, establishing best procedures, ensuring fire extinguishers are fully functional and much more.

Groundworks – we can cover all aspects of groundworks, including, landscaping, car parks, driveways, drainage work and industrial groundworks. Our services include surfacing, environmental, site entrances, concreting and site clearance. Herongrage’s expert team will manage these projects for you, providing the same, high level of service you are already experiencing in other divisions.

Planned maintenance – planned maintenance is great for preventing faults and emergencies as much as possible. We are very proud to offer maintenance on a wide range of electrical and mechanical systems, including fire safety and security.

Refurb and dilapidations – last but by no means least, we offer maintenance on a range of electrical and mechanical systems, as well as fire safety and security. This includes plastering, roofing, groundworks, decorating, fencing, utilities installation and project management. We are also able to offer installation of alarms and cameras as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

If you’ve worked with us before, you know that we offer a flexible and personalised service across all our divisions. We are delighted to announce that we have landed two new, exciting contracts for our facilities management. One of them is Chiltern Cold Storage, which has now been fully mobilised. The other is for Countryside Properties in Bardon, who occupy a brand new, purpose built 359,305sq ft building. Both are full facilities management contracts, which means we are taking care of every aspect of their facilities management requirements with our facilities division.

If you have a project that you’d like us to work on, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We will provide a free, no hidden fees quotation that is tailored to your needs. Contact us on 0345 066 2211.


security guard in shop doorway

More and more customers are coming to us with site security requests centred on access control. Our initial answer is always the same: let’s talk first to really get under the skin of what you need. Off-the-shelf solutions are all well and good; but a good consultation session will enable us to shape bespoke installations that really work for you. They tend to be more cost-efficient in the long run too, because you only pay for what you really need.

With that in mind, here’s five golden rules for your next access control project:

1. Think ‘modular’ for maximum effect

Not every site or situation is the same. There are a host of physical considerations to take into account, from the geography of the site itself to surrounding factors like access roads and neighbouring buildings. Our response can be as modular as you need it to be. We can plug in just the right mix of software and hardware – including standard turnstiles, fast lane turnstiles, banks of turnstiles, cabins, barriers, clocking points, user interface, door readers and much more.

2. Demand flexibility from your software

At Herongrange Group, we write our SiteShield software in-house – and that mean we have complete adaptability to create a solution that meets your specific needs, business rules and KPIs. We can introduce self-diagnosis and incident reporting tools to stop problems before they interfere with site operations. And we can add bespoke and powerful reporting and certificate management capabilities to give you the workforce insight you need.

3. Only go for features that help you work smarter

Be wary of non-essentials frills and always question the need for any software feature or add-on. We have suite of features that we can recommend – but only if they are relevant to your particular site and situation. They include web portal, to allow sub-contractors to pre-enter data for swift validation and access; integration, or linking sites and web portal for easy visibility and management of data, certifications and sub-contractors; PC on site, for reliable local data access even if broadband or 3G is down; and biometrics, that can include hand, eye, finger or face recognition, as well as proximity card and key-fob methods.

4. Don’t miss out on CSCS compatibility

The inherent compatibility of our access control software makes it really easy to enforce worker competence, security and time and attendance. That’s because it is fully compatible with CSCS smart cards. CSCS is the construction industry’s leading skills certification scheme, providing proof that individuals have the necessary training and qualifications. New users are enrolled onto your system with a single swipe of their CSCS card on a contactless desktop reader.

5. Stay light on your feet

You can keep site access as flexible as possible thanks to our unique and bespoke HGMax Portable Turnstile. This truly popular solution offers the winning combination of full-height practicality with the smallest footprint around. And if you need to, you can pick it up and move it to keep pace with the fluctuating access requirements of your site.

We hope you’ve found our golden rules helpful, but don’t forget we’re always available to talk through your access control needs in more detail. It will help us shape a fast, free and highly competitive quote with no hidden extras guaranteed – and if you’d like a free competitive quote with no hidden extras, just ask! Contact the team on 01604 49 88 30.