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Whether you are building a multi-storey tower in the City of London or a mixed-use retail development in the middle of Manchester, space can often come at a premium. Sites that are tight on room cause headaches for material storage, often making just-in-time delivery the only option. Busy urban streets and the close proximity of neighbouring buildings add to the problem, making movement in and out extremely difficult.

The issue affects everything from scheduling to scaffolding and extends to the access control of the workforce as well as deliveries. I talk to surveyors on a regular basis, and with the majority of their projects springing up in the middle of the UK’s busy urban conurbations, the ability to work efficiently in tight spaces is high on their agenda.

Thirty years of experience in construction security has taught the Herongrange team that one-size fits all solutions rarely work. We like to think we’re big enough to matter, but agile enough to deliver bespoke solutions that are shaped closely to the needs of customers.

Ticking all the boxes

Take our HGMax Portable Turnstile for workforce access control. We’ve developed it to tick all the necessary boxes of a security pod hybrid: tough enough for the job and sophisticated enough to offer biometrics, proximity cards, intercoms and all the rest.

But we really thought through the planning stage and came up with a true rarity – a portable, full-height turnstile. Crucially, and uniquely, it has a small footprint that makes it ideal for construction sites that are struggling for space. As well as being smaller, it is around 30% cheaper than most pods.

As well as offering value, it’s a solution that delivers great flexibility to site managers. The HGMax has a rugged platform, so there’s no need for a concrete base or to bolt it down. It can be easily moved to the next tight spot as the site develops and boundaries move.

If you’d like to discuss your access control security needs – whether that’s some simple advice or a fast, free and highly competitive quote contact the team on 01604 49 88 30.

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