Herongrange Reception Desk

After over a year of being in and out of lockdowns, Herongrange Group have finally gone back to physical office as opposed to a virtual one. We have done this in preparation for businesses reopening again and we cannot wait to interact with our customers in person!

We look forward to meeting new customers and working with current ones to improve your site maintenance and security systems across all of our divisions. We offer:

Bespoke security

This includes close protection and VIP protection, including leisure and events. Our multi-skilled team will keep you safe and transport you in style.

Construction solutions

We have a wealth of construction industry knowledge to help keep your site secure. Solutions available for design, installation and maintenance. We are also able to support you with project management.

Fire and security

We are able to provide risk assessments, fire alarm installation, CCTV installation and access, as well as making sure fire extinguishers are working properly. We can also organise fire drills and ensure you have a solid fire escape plan.

Facilities management

We can look after your premises 24/7 from cleaning services to ground maintenance. Our services include everything from planned maintenance to emergency callout, so you can feel certain we have you covered at all times.

Manned guarding

For when only a human presence will do! There is no deterrent like someone physically being there to keep you safe. Our teams have a diverse skill set from dog handlers to security guards, fire marshals, concierge and response teams.

Do you have a project that needs one of our services? Get in touch with Herongrange team today and we will provide you with a free quotation, tailored to the requirements of your business. We care about your needs and we are able to personalise our services specifically to our clients. Call us on 0345 066 2211

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