Herongrange: Our Core Values

core values team members

Core values are the principles and behaviour standards of a company and its employees. It’s important that you have core values as a business, they can guide your employees towards reaching both professional and personal goals, whilst also helping them work together as a team to achieve the company’s goals.


employee of the month

The winner of January’s Employee of the Month was Craig Emmington. Nominated by David Kane, Chief Operations Officer, Craig’s actions brought about the desired response to a safety incident which happened recently. Well done Craig.

Herongrange Banksman: Why Your Construction Site Needs One

Construction Banksman

At Herongrange, our Banksman will direct the movements of large vehicles on site and oversee the loading and unloading. On a busy site, they will be your eyes and ears to ensure safe manoeuvres and protect the drivers, staff, other vehicles and property.

At Risk? A Response Service You Can Trust

Response Service Van

Construction sites are notoriously vulnerable to theft and vandalism. At Herongrange, our response service provides solutions specifically for the building and construction industry. We are incredibly well experienced in designing, installing and maintaining solutions.

What do you know about our industry leading Mobile CCTV Units?

mobile cctv unit

They are installed at major construction sites up and down the UK. Providing our customers with 24/7/365 monitoring via our dedicated monitoring control. Our Mobile CCTV unit has 4 CCTV cameras to watch over your site – other suppliers only offer 2! They are solar powered. The CCTV unit sits on a wheeled trailer, making […]